Attorney Heart

Hosted by Fernardo Flores, this weekly podcast was created by attorneys for attorneys.  With increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression in the profession, Flores focuses on providing wellness advice and tips to find greater levels of fulfillment in all areas of our lives.

Enchanting Lawyer Podcast

Hosted by Jacob Sapochnick, this podcast shares social media and marketing tips to grow your business.  

Gen Why Podcast

A weekly podcast hosted by Karima Gulick and produced by Nicole Abboud (previous MTEN Spotlight Feature). She interviews Generation Y attorneys who are succeeding in their legal journey. She also interviews non-practicing attorneys to learn how they are using their legal background to pursue other passions.  

The Happy Lawyer Project Podcast

Hosted by Okeoma Moronu Schreiner, who's an attorney passionate about helping young lawyers discover happiness and balance in law.

Lawpreneur Radio

Hosted by Miranda McCroskey, who founded her own firm, she creates a community of ‘Lawpreneurs’ (successful entrepreneurial attorneys, authors, coaches, branding and marketing experts) educates and entertains as we explore a new practice built in a new way.

Resilient Lawyer

Hosted by Jeena Cho who offers mindfulness training for lawyers and is the author of  The Anxious Lawyer, interviews attorneys who talk about their experience in the legal field and finding happiness.

This Week in Law

Hosted by attorneys: Denise Howell, J. Michael Keyes, Emory Roane, and JD/MBA Candidate Matt Curtis at University of Notre Dame covering current events at the intersection of law and technology, pop culture and more.




The Creative Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Authentic Professional Satisfaction by Michael F. Melcher

A step-by-step guide to helping you image and realize your path to personal and professional satisfaction. It provides templates to prepare for career changes and envisioning and managing your own professional development

The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law by Nancy Levit

The Happy Lawyer examines the causes of dissatisfaction among lawyers and then charts paths to achieving happier and more fulfilling careers in law. It offers ways to maximize our chances for achieving happiness, understanding our own personality types, strengths, and interests. 

The Introverted Lawyer by Heidi Brown

This book focuses on helping introverted, shy, and socially anxious pre-law students, law students, and attorneys by providing practical, tangible steps for individual growth in finding their authentic advocacy voices.

 Life After Law: Finding Work You Love with the J.D. You Have by Liz Brown

In her book, Liz Brown calls on both her personal experience and the experience of other lawyers to help “launch lawyers into new fields and make them attractive hires for non-legal employers.”   

The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy by Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey decides to chronicle a year long project, experimenting and researching how to be more productive. Trying several different hacks and results from studies such as cutting out caffeine and waking up at 5:30 every morning, he discusses the lessons he learned and which practices will help you accomplish more. 

24 Hours with 24 Lawyers: Profiles of Traditional and Non-Traditional Careers by Jasper Kim

In this book, you meet 24 various lawyers. From Wall Street lawyer to Sports Broadcaster, this book chronicles their 24 hour day. This book offers different career profiles in both traditional and non-traditional legal jobs in order to prepare you before investing in a legal education or before accepting a new job.