CS Thrive

Whether you are looking for another job, starting a business, advancing your current position, improving personal/professional relationships or just wanting to take back control of your life--we introduce the video goal setting program, BEST YEAR EVER by CS Thrive.  

BEST YEAR EVER is a highly acclaimed, 4 week e-learning program that takes you from confused and frustrated to relaxed and focused, with a blueprint to achieve any goal you desire. This program is to help attorneys create the life you want and deserve.

Have you experienced the following emotions or questions over the past few years? 

  • frustration or unfulfillment at work or in your personal life

  • the feeling of stagnation in your current role or status

  • wanting balance in your personal and professional life

  • knowing what you want, but not knowing how to get it

  • having set personal or professional goals for the year, only to come to the end of the year and not achieved them

Meet Kirsten Franklin, Esq. She is a former attorney and entrepreneur. Kirsten is the owner of a legal recruiting, executive coaching firm and founder of CS Thrive.  As a former attorney, Kirsten understands the stress, lack of work-life balance, lack of time and all that might cause you to feel as though you cannot reach your goals. Here, Kirsten and this program will provide techniques & strategies to help you get what you want in your career and personal and achieve the life you desire.  

BEST YEAR EVER is a four week journey that will help you to decrease stress, while learning how to become laser focused and map out your specific goals so you can succeed.  This program will teach you the one secret key to goal setting, that all other programs fail to teach, to learn what that secret key is-- JOIN this program and receive as a bonus free report, 6 Daily Actions to Achieve Success!

Now is the time to create a plan of action and implement the changes you want in your personal and professional life. Move forward and elevate yourself into the opportunities and life that you want!