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CS Thrive

Whether you are looking for another job, starting a business, advancing your current position, improving personal/professional relationships or just wanting to take back control of your life--we introduce the video goal setting program, BEST YEAR EVER by CS Thrive.  

Meet Kirsten Franklin, Esq. She is a former attorney and entrepreneur. Kirsten is the owner of a legal recruiting, executive coaching firm and founder of CS Thrive.  As a former attorney, Kirsten understands the stress, lack of work-life balance, lack of time and all that might cause you to feel as though you cannot reach your goals. Here, Kirsten and this program will provide techniques & strategies to help you get what you want in your career and personal and achieve the life you desire. 

Best Year Ever is a highly acclaimed, 4 week e-learning program that takes you from confused and frustrated to relaxed and focused, with a blueprint to achieve any goal you desire. This program is to help attorneys create the life you want and deserve.  

Join the Best Year Ever program and you will gain the following :

  • learn how to test and set a solid goal; 

  • uncover why you really want to achieve that goal (if your answer is for your family or children, etc. then you have not yet uncovered your deepest 'why');

  • test your goals' alignment with your values, and map it out so you can realistically see how you will achieve your specific goal;

  • gain access to the CS Thrive private Facebook group.  Here, you will receive support every step of the way by interacting with fellow members, asking questions & getting answers from Kirsten, moderators and fellow participants.

Kirsten has worked with over 200 clients, one on one, in the past year alone.  All of whom have met or exceeded their stated goals. 

She has worked with numerous attorneys and law firm partners to successfully achieve change in their professional and personal lives.  Some have created side businesses, some have changed careers and some were able to move up the ladder when others said it was impossible.

Knowing that only thing between you and your goal is taking action, join this journey and learn how to create the mindset and habits, to help you get more organized, reduce stress and gain clarity on how you can achieve your goals for 2019. 

JOIN this program and receive as a bonus free guide, 6 Daily Actions to Achieve Success. Click here to receive the free guide. On the download page, you will have the opportunity to purchase the Best Year Ever program.

We encourage you to take advantage of this exclusive offer download the guide and JOIN the Best Year Ever program- NOW!   Move forward and elevate yourself into the opportunities and life that you want!