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More Than Esquires Network® (MTEN) is a professional membership organization created to serve attorneys and legal professionals by providing education, inspiration and meaningful connections in their pursuit of professional passions beyond the practice of law.

We empower those who are seeking to transition to careers outside the traditional practice of law and amplify the stories of those that have made the successful transition to rewarding new careers. 

We are on a mission to help attorneys and legal professionals connect, learn and grow in their career journey. As part of the MTEN community, you obtain:

  • Access to a national network of attorneys, JDs, law students and legal professionals that are looking beyond the traditional practice of law to discover and pursue their career possibilities.

  • Educational opportunities for career & professional development growth through panel discussions, workshops and job listings focused on alternative legal & emerging career industries.  

  • Inspiration through hearing the stories and providing a platform for attorneys and legal professionals that have made the successful transition into industries across various sectors.

  • Connections made through a community of attorneys and legal professionals that meet and share experiences and knowledge in the pursuit of attaining more from their career.

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