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Are you experiencing being unhappy practicing the law, feelings of anxiety, being stuck or seeking to figure your next career steps besides practicing law?

When you think about it, you no longer enjoy practicing law and want to create a non-law career on your own terms.

Now, you are looking for way how to transition out of the law as you no longer want to be a practicing attorney.


Meet Casey Berman, Attorney, Career Coach & Founder of Leave Law Behind, a community dedicated to helping unhappy attorneys leave the law. He has influenced and helped so many people just like you to successfully transition out of the law and find a new, rewarding career that makes them happy, confident and fulfilled.

The Leave Law Behind Online Career Coaching Program is a hands-on, practical and inspiring online course to help unhappy attorneys leave the law behind and find a dream career in which they can thrive. This coaching program can help you leave your legal practice and land that alternative legal or non-traditional role of your dreams!

The Leave Law Behind Program can help an unhappy attorney if you’re struggling in any way with:

  • Feeling burnt out, under-appreciated, extremely unhappy being a lawyer; or all alone

  • Wishing you could do something more creative than practice the law

  • Feeling your skills and strengths are misplaced in your job as an attorney

  • Hating the billable hour model, and wishing they could make more money

  • Seeking to add value to the world and help others in a meaningful way

  • Boredom with or not caring about the practice of the law or your clients

  • Wanting to build something and not be a corporate cog


If you're unhappy enough that you know want to leave the law, JOIN this program.  To learn more and see if leaving your practice is right for you, take the quiz, How Much Do You Really Know About Leaving the Law? Also, take advantage of the FREE consultation call that Casey offers as he can assist in your transition in leaving the law by guiding and crafting the new career that you desire.

This an impactful, effective, self-paced, online coaching program. Below is a brief summary that participants will receive UNLIMITED access to the following:

  • in-depth video tutorials

  • weekly live trainings & office hours

  • online webinars

  • exclusive members-only forum

  • resume & cover letter repository for “non-law” jobs and so much more!

Join the Leave Law Behind program by beginning to create “YOUR PATH OUT” of the law and achieve the alternative legal career of your dreams!