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DISCLAIMER: The views represented in the articles published do not necessarily represent the views of the MTEN Founders.

The material published in this Blog/Site is for educational purposes, as well as, to give general information and encourage discussion on topics of interest to lawyers and legal professionals. By using this Blog/Site, it should not be used a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional in your state. It is understood using the Blog/Site does not create attorney-client relationship between you and MTEN LLC. None of the material published in Blog/Site is intended to provide advice on legal or financial matters.



We are bringing together a diversity of experiences and voices from lawyers & legal professionals across the globe who have alternative legal/emerging careers and entrepreneurial ventures whom pivoted out of the practice of law or maintain successful side venture while still practicing law. They are interested in next career steps within or outside the traditional practice of law.  The content will be targeted to lawyers, JDs, law students, and legal professionals. 


Our audience is lawyers, JDs, law students & legal professionals who possess or seek professional pursuits within and outside the traditional practice of law. For example, we are looking for “how did I transition from transactional lawyer into VP of Communications” – not “transactional law 101- how to draft the best agreement for your client.” Another example article is that you are practicing law and have photography business as a side venture.


No more than 1,000 words. If a writer has a thought piece that can be stated in 500-700, then that’s fine. We do not want anyone to feel limited by length or obligated to stretch a piece out unnecessarily.  Note: All submissions are subject to edits for length, clarity and/or brevity.


Conversational tone. Not academic or law review article. Write as though you’re having a conversation or telling a story to someone sitting next to you. No footnotes and minimal reference to any previously published articles.  We want your piece to be original content.  We can hyperlink to references of source information within the post.

Proof relentlessly. Write clear & concisely. Be knowledgeable of the AP style.


Each piece will run with a bio of the author (max. 50 words) and a call to action (linking to their site, profile, etc.). This is the space where you tell readers about yourself and the things that you do.

 Checklist: Each post includes an author summary that features the following:

  • Bio (maximum 50 words)

  • Recent head shot: ideal photo file size for web readiness is 2MB in .jpg/.jpeg or .png format

  • Social media links (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or personal website)


Up to the author. They can write once, monthly or quarterly (e.g. if the blog is a series that has more than one part or a set of different articles).


Text of articles published in MTEN Insider newsletter or MTEN website may be reprinted with permission and provided the following attribution is given to the newsletter.

“©[Year] Published in [Publication Title], [MM/YY of Publication] [direct link to full article on], by More Than Esquires Network. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved. This information or any portion thereof may not be copied or disseminated in any form or by any means or stored in an electronic database or retrieval system without the express written consent of More Than Esquires Network or the copyright holder.”

You may not use graphics and images that run with the articles. Blog posts may not be reprinted without permission of both the More Than Esquires Network and the author of the post.


The thought piece is up to the author. The MTEN community has unlimited set of interests and experiences, as long as it is pertaining to law (non-traditional roles or practice areas), entrepreneurship, or any area of law/industry that is deemed fun, innovative or groundbreaking; this also includes life as a lawyer (practicing or non-practicing in a non-traditional role). The topic should be relatable to law students, JDs & lawyers alike. See the list below for suggested ideas.

Suggested Topics

  • Alternative Career Paths for Law Students & Lawyers

  • How I Transitioned from Law into Another Role (non-legal role)

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Legal Technology

  • Finding My Side Hustle: How I Practice Law in addition to maintaining my Side Hustle

  • Networking: Crafting Your Brand and Pitch

  • Financial Planning & Fitness- How to Prepare for Career Transition

  • Work-Life Balance in Your Personal & Professional Life

  • Mental Health & Mindfulness


To submit your blog or any other questions, then please send an email to