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MTEN Stories highlights attorneys and legal professionals across the United States and abroad by sharing their stories in the journey of becoming and being a more than esquire in alternative legal and non-law careers. 

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Sofia Beltran, Manager-Media Affairs at NFL Media. Sofia is a graduate of UCLA Law School. As Media Affairs Manager, she represents and negotiates on behalf of the NFL matters related to production, digital media, programming, licensing, marketing and post-production of entertainment content. Prior to joining the NFL, Sofia was part of team that won the Lowell Milken Institute Sandler Prize for New Entrepreneurs for the startup, SmartAg Technologies. She is the co-founder of SmartAg Technologies, a bee business which addressed the crisis in agriculture and allow farmers to make most of the crops. While in law school, Sophia served as the UCLA Global Food Initiative Fellow in the initiative of how to sustainably and nutritiously feed the world population. In addition, she volunteers for with non-profit dance and environmental organizations.

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Andrew Yang, @andrewyang2020, Attorney, Entrepreneur, Founder of Venture for America, and POTUS Candidate in 2020. Andrew is a graduate of Columbia Law School @columbialawschool and began his career in BigLaw at Davis Polk Wardwell. He left BigLaw for entrepreneurial endeavors working in startups and early stage growth companies. In 2009, he founded Venture for America @venture4america, a non profit fellowship program who’s mission is to revitalize US cities & communities through entrepreneurship which now operates in 20 US cities. In 2017, Andrew stepped down from his role as CEO of VFA to launch his 2020 Democrat run for US President. One of his campaign proposals is “freedom dividend” a form of universal basic income to give all US citizens $1K/month. In addition, Andrew has been recognized as White House Champion of Change and Presidential Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship.⠀


paula edgar

Paula Edgar, Partner, Diversity Consultant, Trainer at Inclusion Strategy Solutions. Paula began her career as an attorney at the NYC Commission on Human Rights. She has served in different roles within higher education as the inaugural Chief Diversity Officer at New York Law School and Associate Director of Career Services at Seton Hall Law School. Currently, Paula is Partner at Inclusion Strategy Solutions LLC, a consulting firm that provides strategic solutions on Diversity & inclusion initiatives plus she is a recognized speaker & facilitator on the topic. She is an active member of the community serving as past President of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association, NY state’s largest black bar association. Also, receiving recognition from different organizations such as Ms. JD “Woman of Inspiration” and a “Rising Star” by A Better Chance.

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raad ahmed

Raad Ahmed is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of LawTrades @lawtrades. Raad received his JD from SUNY Buffalo Law School and started LawTrades during law school with his best friend, Ashish Walla. His first startup, he founded while in law school, a web app for Facebook called that allowed people to customize their Facebook profiles via cover photos. At its peak, it grew 30M hits per month and turned it into a high six figure business. is a legal marketplace that provides to businesses and General Counsels at small to mid-size companies to hire lawyers and paralegals for one-time projects or on-going work to quickly scale their legal operations. Over 2,000 businesses utilize LawTrades and the company is funded by investors such as Social Capital, Draper Associates, Angellist and 500 Startup. Raad is also a writer on the topics of startup, tech and entrepreneurship appearing in publications: Inc, HuffPost, VentureBeat and Forbes.


Angela Han

My name is Angela Han @angelahanhealth. I am a healthcare lawyer, a plant-based personal trainer, and a yoga instructor. I decided to make my career all about health after law school, when I realized that my biggest pain point stemmed from my eating disorder of 7 years. I struggled with my health when I arrived in the US and had a difficult time with the culture shock and dealing with it alone. My mission is to support other women who may be going through similar mental health concerns or who just want to adopt a healthier lifestyle to maximize their life and career. Through my 7-year journey and the following years of recovery, I've always wanted someone who cared and understood, and I want to be that person for those women. You can learn more about working with me at @angelahanhealth. I am a more than esquire because I practice not only law but also health & wellness for lawyers.

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Ruvin Levavi, Attorney, Founder & Principal/ Financial Professional at Power Forward Group . Ruvin is a graduate of Fordham University School of Law following graduation he practiced as an estate planning attorney. Ruvin started off his career as a financial professional for New York Life Insurance Company where he helped his clients find good financial standing in categories such as retirement, life insurance and estate planning. By combining his estate planning and financial professional expertise, he created his own company by offering expert advice & guidance to his clients. Currently he is the Principal for the company he founded, Power Forward Group, a financial firm where he assists his clients with financial and estate planning matters. Ruvin is an active member in the Brooklyn school community and serves as a committee member at his children’s school. He is passionate about hockey and coaches a high school team in Brooklyn.



Lani E. Medina, Esq., Attorney & US Air Force Veteran. Lani is a graduate of Fordham University School of Law and is currently Corporate Counsel for PetVet Care Centers, a preventative pet care and veterinary service network. In addition, she previously worked at BigLaw firms as an Associate at Clifford Chance and K&L Gates. Prior to her legal career, Lani served her country in the United States Air Force as Information Airman Manager for the 22nd Maintenance Squadron stationed at McConnell AFB in Wichita, Kansas where she was awarded the Information Manager Airman of the Year. While completing her undergraduate degree at Columbia University, she held roles in higher education serving as Graduate Coordinator of the Political Science Department and as Program Administrator of the Minority Affairs Office at Columbia University. And as active member of the community, Lani serves as a Board member of Youth Voices Center, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to promoting positive youth development. Additionally, she is a member of the New York City Bar Association's Task Force via Puerto Rico.

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Karima Gulick

Karima Gulick, Attorney, Podcast Host and Aerospace Engineer. Karima began her career as a senior systems engineer at Rockwell Collins, an aerospace company where she helped build aircraft controls, and software used in aircrafts. Currently, Karima serves as an attorney at Gulick Law, practicing patent and trademark law. In addition, Karima is the co-host of the podcast, The Gen Why Lawyer. Each week she shares unconventional and motivational stories of different attorneys and their own unique journey’s in law. Initially, the podcast was meant to find lawyers who had left the law practice, instead blossomed to be about millennial attorneys and entrepreneurs who are building fulfilling careers.


Tyrone Scott

Tyrone Scott @mrdoublethink, Podcast Host, Music Composer, and Attorney. Tyrone began his career at BET @BET, as an Entertainment Attorney where he oversaw license agreements and handled contracts, then he made a career pivot into podcasting. Currently, Tyrone is the co-host of the podcast, POPLAW @poplawpodcast, a pop culture and entertainment podcast, where each week he discusses trending topics and courtroom drama. In addition to hosting a podcast, Tyrone is an award winning composer. He has been composing music since high school, and has even composed music for several choirs. He received his BA in music at the Tulane University @tulaneu, where he served as the President and Music Director of the a cappella group, Tulane NewComb Choir. Furthermore, Tyrone also writes for his blog,, where he offers tips on a cappella arranging and also sells a cappella arrangements.

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Charles Lew

Charles Lew,  Lawyer, Restaurateur, Founder of Forbes Los Angeles Business Council.  Charles is Owner & Partner at his firm, The Lew Firm, APC specializing in business law, entertainment, restaurant development and real estate.  He is the owner of LA-area restaurants: Boomtown Brewery, The Morrison and  Stout Burgers & Beers. Charles co-founded the Forbes Los Angeles Business Council, a community for business leaders and entrepreneurs in creating a space for collaboration and opportunity. He is a graduate of Loyola Law School  where he serves as a Board Member for his alma mater. In addition, to owning a number of restaurants, he also writes for his blog, where he offers tips and insight for new restaurant owners. Charles is a respected expert in the restaurant industry, as his expertise has been featured in publications such as Flaunt and Forbes.


Breen Sullivan

Breen Sullivan, Lawyer, Chief Administrative Officer,  and Founder. Currently, Breen serves as  Chief Administrative Officer at Watermark Insights, an education management technology company where she oversees legal, people and administrative functions for the company. In addition to this role, she is the Founder of The Fourth Floor, an independent, invitation-only, community connecting  female entrepreneurs, legal executives and industry leaders in early stage and emerging companies. The inspiration for the 4th Floor was when Breen noticed that male founders had this hidden ecosystem of support of fellow male founders, business execs and investors exchanging information, investments, and board seats, all for the benefit of the male participants.  She decided to be an agent of change by creating a support system connecting female legal executives and founders.  As female legal executives are underrepresented on Advisory Boards of early stage companies and female founders are missing out on growth opportunities.  The purpose of The 4th Floor is promoting growth of careers and companies by connecting female legal executives to female founders through collaboration and opportunity.

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Theodora Lee

Theodora Lee, Trial Attorney, Partner at Littler Mendelson, Owner & Founder of Theopolis Vineyards, @theopolisvineyards. Theodora is senior partner and trial lawyer at Littler for its employment & labor group. In addition to practicing law, she is the owner of Theopolis Vineyards, an award-winning vineyard and hand-crafted winery located in northern California's Yorkville Highlands. She founded the vineyard in 2003, after taking many viticulture classes and learning her law firm mentors owned vineyards themselves which influenced and sparked her passion for wine. The vineyard’s award-winning wines have been featured in magazines, wine festivals and wine competitions. Theodora is an active member of the community where she serves on the board of non-profit organizations: YMCA of San Francisco and Bay Area Legal Aid. She is a contributing writer and speaker on the topic of employment law. Also, Theodora has been recognized for the past few years as a "Super Lawyer" in Northern California.

Michael Dalewitz

Michael Dalewitz, Attorney, Founder and CEO of ReviewRight. Mike received his JD from New York Law School @nylawschool. In addition, he successfully launched the Electronic Discovery Program at NYLS. Currently, as the founder and CEO of Review Right, a specialized document review services firm that helps Fortune 500 companies and AMLaw 100 law firms learn from their data when they face complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation. Prior to founding the company, Mike was a Director of eDiscovery at legal ediscovery & tech companies, Epiq Systems and Trustpoint International whereby gaining extensive experience in sales, strategy, and the management of document intensive cases. Also, he is a published author, speaker and served as an adjunct professor.

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Kimberly Mutcherson.png

Kimberly Mutcherson

Kimberly Mutcherson, Attorney, Professor, Dean at Rutgers Law School Dean Mutcherson serves as the Co-Dean at the Camden, NJ campus where she is the first woman, the first African-American, and the first member of the LGBT community to hold a dean position at the law school. She is a bioethics and health law scholar teaching the course, ”Bioethics, Babies and Babymaking”—which focuses on family law, reproductive right, child-rearing issues, and biotechnology. She has written articles on reproductive justice, assisted reproduction, and abortion. She is a graduate of Columbia Law School @columbialawschool, where she was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar and received the Samuel I. Rosenman Prize for commitment to public-interest law. Dean Mutcherson is co-author of the upcoming book “Assisted Reproductive Justice,” and editor of the book “Rewriting Reproductive Justice: Feminist Judgments and Reproductive Justice.”


Lawrence Cisneros

Lawrence Cisneros, Lawyer, Founder & CEO of Drnxmyth @drnxmyth. Lawrence received his J.D. at USC Gould School of Law @uscgouldlaw. While at law school, he had the entrepreneurial vision by raising $100K and building the prototype for the world's first ready-to-drink craft cocktail. His legally-trained entrepreneurial ways led him to win the 2016 El Perfect Pitch prize at the Hispanicize Conference for his startup, InSpirit. Also, Lawrence was one of 77 cohorts chosen nationwide to participate at the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program. The DRNXMYTH is a patented technology creating craft cocktails that are pre-bottled and un-mixed by bringing you mixology beyond the bar in a bottle with mixes such as rum punch, bourbon honey, east side and margarita.

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Karen Nourizadeh.png

Karen Nourizadeh

Karen Nourizadeh @karennouri, Attorney, Writer, Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness & Meditation Coach. Karen is a former litigator and while practicing law she managed to incorporate mindfulness, meditation and yoga in maintaining her overall health. As she understood the importance of mindfulness and meditation, Karen decided she wanted to use her voice outside of the courtroom, to inspire others to become more balanced internally. She has her own private practice focusing on yoga, mindfulness & meditation for individuals and corporate clients. Karen has helped thousands of all ages and social statuses, to break unwanted or unhealthy habits and patterns for improved healthier lives & well-being. Her work has been published in journals and including the book, Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism, a book of healing treatments for children with autism and their parents. In addition, she has written articles featured in Fitness Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Daily News on mindfulness, meditation, yoga and stress management.


Dwayne Allen Thomas

My name is Dwayne Thomas, MAPP, JD and I am Lawyer, Writer, Speaker & Founder of Equal Results. Currently, I serve as Senior Court Attorney at the NYS Unified Court System. After graduating from Brooklyn Law School, I received a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. I pursued my master’s because I observed capable students fail the bar exam when they should have passed. Many of these failures stemmed from psychological phenomena - you can have the skills you need to do well and still fail to prepare or perform because of what’s going on in your head. To help resolve these issues and help improve bar passage rates, I created a bar exam tutoring program and infused it with psychology. Also, I write and speak about the application of social and cognitive science to improving social mobility & social diversity. In the future, I plan to start an organization that, in part, helps low resource law students and prospective law students live up to their potential. I am a more than esquire because I seek to help others live up to their personal and professional potential.

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Rebecca Roanhorse.png

Rebecca Roanhorse

Rebecca Roanhorse, @rebeccaroanhorse, Attorney, Author, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writer of the novel, Trail of Lightning, where her writings are based on indigenous sci-fi and fantasy characters reflecting her Native American heritage. She is of Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo and African American descent. Rebecca received her BA from Yale University and MA in Theology from Union Theological Seminary before receiving her J.D. from the Univer­sity of New Mexico School of Law @unmlaw, specializing in Federal Indian Law. Her debut story “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experi­ence™” won the Hugo and Nebula Awards, and was a World Fan­tasy Award finalist. The novel Trail of Lightning is the first in a 4 part series of books with the 2nd book, Storm of Locusts, debuting in April 2019. Rebecca is the 2018 winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.


Roman Zelichenko

My name is Roman Zelichenko and I am Lawyer, Founder & CEO of LaborLess. LaborLess is an immigration tech startup that automates part of the frustratingly manual H-1B visa compliance process. An as immigrant myself, I caught the entrepreneurial bug at Brooklyn Law School when I founded the school's first general interest immigration law student group: the Brooklyn Law Immigration Society. After graduating, I practiced immigration law in the DC area, focusing on H-1B visas. Then I realized how manual the process was and envisioned a solution for it. I left the practice of law, and began working for multiple tech companies and startups in NYC to learn the ropes, and finally launched LaborLess. Also, I spend time writing about immigration tech and growing this company. I am a more than esquire because my professional drive is rooted in building solutions to real world problems that go well beyond the world of law

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Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson, Attorney, Founder & CEO of Coalition of Black Excellence (CBE) @experiencecbe. Angela currently serves as litigation counsel at Uber @Uber. In addition, she founded the non-profit Coalition of Black Excellence due the decline in presence of Black professional community in the San Francisco area as the black population has been on the decline since 1970. She was inspired to create CBE as a black professional organization on a larger scale for the Bay Area by her participation in employee resource groups at Uber and attending events by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation while growing up in DC. CBE is committed to unifying and elevating the Black community by bringing together professionals across multiple sectors and industries.


Justin Moore

Justin Moore @jmo713, Attorney, Founder at Holly Hall Supply Co. @hollyhallsupply.  After receiving his J.D. at The University of Texas School of Law @utexaslaw.  Justin served as a corporate lawyer specializing in mergers & acquisitions, capital markets and private equity for a large international law firm. He enjoyed practicing law however he was unfulfilled. He left his corporate law job and devoted himself into the skin care industry. Influenced by his upbringing and inspired by his dermatologist father, Justin founded Holly Hall Supply Co., a premium grooming brand of skin care products for men.

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Lori Anne Wardi.png

Lori Anne Wardi

Lori Anne Wardi, Attorney, Vice President of NeuStar, Inc. where she oversees the business development, marketing, and communications initiatives for the company. NeuStar, Inc. which is a leading global technology company that provides real-time information and analytics for various Internet, telecommunications, entertainment, and marketing industries, and also provides clearinghouse and directory services to the global communications and Internet industries. Lori received her J.D. from Brooklyn Law School. After graduating, she practiced labor law for five years at Proskauer Rose LLP. Lori saw her law experience as unfulfilling and decided to back to school. After earning MS Human Resource Management from Cornell University, she moved on to Goldman Sachs as global manager for organizational and career development in its technology division followed by CEO positions at Pebble Alley LLC and Dream Big Media Inc.


Joseph C Hansen

Joseph C Hansen @joseph_c_hansen, Author, Lawyer, and Travel Blogger. After receiving his J.D. from University of Minnesota Law School @umnlaw, Joe worked as a Senior Associate at top-tier international law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP. Joe started writing stories when he was six years old, as it took him awhile to realize that being an author is what he truly wanted to do—so he studied up on the craft, walked away from a BigLaw, and began traveling and writing. His current writing projects include a thriller set in San Francisco and a children’s book about a schoolboy who is actually a knight. In addition, Joe is traveling around the world with his wife @paolabrigneti and 2 young children chronicling their adventures about traveling with children in the travel blog

Joseph C.Hansen.png

Jean Z. Poh.jpg

Jean Z. Poh

Jean Z. Poh, Attorney, Fine Jewelry Professional, Founder & CEO of Swoonery. Jean received her J.D. from Cornell Law School. She practiced as a venture-capital attorney at BigLaw firms- Morrison & Forester and Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP. Jean left the practice of law to work with her father in the jewelry industry. Later, she earned a graduate degree in diamonds from the Gemological Institute of America. She has apprenticed for master jewelers and self-taught to design and render jewelry. Jean was compelled by her love of fine jewelry to create the platform- Swoonery, an e-commerce brand. Swoonery is a personalized shopping experience featuring the world's top designer fine jewelry brands, where they help guide customers in choosing & wearing the perfect fine jewelry pieces to reflect who they are


Goli Kalkhoran

My name is Goli Kalkhoran and I am a Lawyer, Podcaster and Founder of Usie Booth @usie.booth. I graduated from UC Berkeley Law School @berkeleylaw and worked at both Latham & Watkins and as a federal public defender. I felt burned out from law and wanted a change. I quit after having my first son and spent time at home while figuring out what to do next. After creating a photobooth for my son's first birthday, I was bit by the entrepreneurial bug and decided to start a company. I created Usie Booth, where we manufacture, sell, and rent photobooths. I also recently started a podcast called @lessonsfromaquitter where I interview other people who have quit a traditional career and forged a new path to a more fulfilling life. I am a more than esquire because I know what is my passion and I know what I want to do in my life.

Goli Kalkhoran.jpg

Alycia M. Powell.png

Alycia M. Powell

Alycia M. Powell @lovealways_a, Co-Founder at Champions for Philanthropy, Inc. @championsforphilanthropy. Alycia received her J.D degree from New York Law School @nylawschool. Alycia co-founded Champions for Philanthropy, Inc. (CFP), a nonprofit organization that helps professional athletes establish their charitable brands. As Co-Founder, Alycia helps athletes form nonprofit foundations, manage existing foundations, and create other charitable vehicles for giving back. After graduating, she started her own business consulting firm- AMP Consulting Group, and served as a legal and business consultant for entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses.


Matt Ritter

Matt Ritter, @mattritter1, Attorney, Legal Recruiter, Writer, Comedian. Matt graduated from the University Pennsylvania Law School and worked as a corporate lawyer. Currently, Matt is working at the top legal recruiting firm- Lateral Link @laterallinkgroup and using his skills and network he has built up to help attorneys find their ideal job in the legal profession. Matt’s voice can be heard both in the legal recruiting area as well as in the entertainment industry. Matt has written for and produced shows for E!, Discovery, A&E, MSNBC such as “Duck Dynasty" and "Fat and Furious”. Also, co-creator of the television series “Chained to My Ex.” Matt can also be seen in front of large audiences regularly performing at the Hollywood Improv @hollywoodimprov , the Comedy Store @thecomedystore and the Gotham Comedy Club @gothamcomedy. Additionally, Matt is a contributor, host and writer.

Matt Ritter.png

Marjorie M. Liu.png

Marjorie M. Liu

Marjorie M. Liu @marjorie_liu, Attorney, Novelist, Comic Book Writer. Marjorie received her J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School. Prior to writing full-time, she was a practicing lawyer and decided to make a career change. She wanted to write, so she poured her creative energy into the world of fan fiction. That writing practice helped Marjorie develop her muscles and her voice as a writer. When it came time for her first novel — a paranormal romance called Tiger Eye — she says the transition from being a lawyer to a full-time, professional writer was easy. In July 2018, she became the first woman in the 30-year history of the Eisner Awards to win for Best Writer for her latest work, Monstress. Currently, Marjorie is the New York Times bestselling and award-winning writer, and she works on the Marvel series such as NYX, X-23, and Astonishing X-Men. In addition, she teaches comic book writing at Massachusetts Institute of Technology @mitpics, and she leads a class on Popular Fiction at the Voices of Our Nation (VONA) workshop.


Amanda Enayati

Amanda Enayati @enayati, Attorney, Author, Head of Innovation at 3% Conference @3percentconf. Amanda received her J.D. degree from @howardlawschool. After graduating, she began her career as an international corporate attorney, later consulting for top-tier law firms, as well as the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development and numerous colleges and universities. She left practicing law to devote herself to promoting the well-being for the public. Her research and writing on what makes people happier, healthier and more productive have appeared widely on CNN, PBS, MSNBC, and NPR, as well as in The Washington Post and Salon. Also, she frequently speaks on innovation, creativity, the future of work, and the intersection of culture, identity, purpose and happiness.

Amanda Enayati.png

Ray Buenaventura.png

Ray Buenaventura

Ray Buenaventura @raybesq, Attorney, Founder, Council-Member & Vice-Mayor of Daly City, California. Ray is the founder of Buenaventura Law Firm and an attorney in Daly City. As a Certified Criminal Law Specialist with experience in defending felony, misdemeanor and juvenile cases. In addition to being a trusted Daly City criminal defense attorney, he currently serves as a councilmember and as vice mayor. In the past, Ray served as mayor for two terms of Daly City. In 2015, he was awarded the prestigious Joe Morozumi Award for Exceptional Legal Advocacy by the Asian American Bar Association of Northern California, recognizing his commitment to justice and fighting for his clients.


Tiffany Austin

Tiffany Austin, Law Graduate, Jazz Singer, Lyricist, Songwriter. Tiffany received her J.D. degree in UC Berkeley’s School of Law. During her school days, she made time for classes at the California Jazz Conservatory and also started performing with bassist, composer, and bandleader Marcus Shelby on numerous projects. Tiffany realized that jazz is all about soul, jazz is her muse. After graduating, she entirely devoted herself to the jazz and performed a series of prestigious gigs and residencies. In 2015, her debut album “Nothing But Soul” which catapulted her into national prominence. Recently, she has just released her second CD. It’s a collection of standards and originals called “Unbroken.”

Tiffany Austin.png

Fernando Flores.png

Fernando Flores

Fernando Flores @1fernandoflores, Attorney, High Performance Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Podcaster. Fernando practiced as a trial and appellate attorney for over 10 years. He left practicing law to create and commit 100% to his business iMaterNow @imaternow and pursue his passion of promoting and fostering the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical & intellectual well-being for attorneys and professionals. The purpose of iMaterNow is to help develop strategies and skills that place self-care first for attorneys and professionals which allows them to improve their lives professionally and personally. Also, Fernando is a podcaster of Attorney Heart and author of the book “The Essential Guide to Passing the California Bar” which helps first time and repeat bar takers learn skills and strategies not taught in traditional bar prep courses.


Amy Goldstein

Amy Goldstein, Attorney, Legal Recruiter, Career Consultant, Founder of Grayson Allen, Inc. Amy is a graduate of Tulane Law School and was a litigator with a small firm in NJ before she moved to NYC and became a recruiter. She places attorneys with law firms and corporations nationwide and provides consulting services to attorneys considering a transition. Amy's goal is to reduce the stress of a job search and build confidence as she helps attorneys navigate the path of opportunities. She also writes and presents on topics intended to make the process a little less daunting. You can find a sample of Amy's articles and interviews at

Amy is a More Than Esquire because sharing information that helps attorneys figure out "what's next" is a great way to pay it forward.

Amy Goldsten.png

Alison Monahan.png

Alison Monahan

Alison Monahan, Attorney & Founder, The Girl's Guide to Law School. Alison @alisonishere began her career after graduating Columbia Law School @columbialawschool as federal law clerk and served an Associate stint in BigLaw. Alison saw her law school experience as stressful & unhappy, and noticed how her fellow women classmates were emotionally stressed out by law school but didn't talk about their experiences. Her student experience served as a catalyst to create The Girl's Guide to Law School, which helps women get into & through law school, and staying true to yourself. She's also the co-Founder of the Law School Toolbox @lawschooltools and the Bar Exam Toolbox, which demystify the law school and bar exam experience.


Sam Liu

Sam Liu, Attorney & Deputy Chief of Staff, California State Senate. Sam is Deputy Chief of Staff to California State Senator, Ben Allen. He is a graduate of Loyola Law School @loyolalawschool in Los Angeles, CA. Prior to joining State Sen. Allen's office, Sam worked at the Alliance for Children’s Rights and as a research attorney for the Special Citizens Commission on Jail Violence under the Los Angeles County Counsel’s office. In addition, he ran political campaigns for candidates seeking state and US Congressional office. Sam's role as a legislative aide at the CA State Senate is an excellent demonstration the intersection of where law and politics meet.


Sam Liu.png

Nicole Lynn.png

Nicole Lynn

Nicole Lynn @agentnicolelynn is a Lawyer & Sports Agent. She practices full time as an Associate Attorney in Houston, Texas and Nicole is the first female sports agent to join @youngmoneyapaasports Young Money APAA Sports. With her heels in the field, Nicole’s clients include @NFL players, with the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins, ESPY nominated professional softball player, and a professional ballerina with American Ballet Theatre. Prior to becoming a lawyer & sports agent, she has worked on Wall Street as a Financial Analyst. Nicole is a graduate of undergrad & law school at University of Oklahoma.


Caleb Carr

Caleb Carr @carrmedic, Law Student, Founder & CEO of Vita Inclinata Technologies. Caleb is currently a law student at Seattle University School of Law @seattleulaw. The inspiration for founding his company was the death of a friend where Caleb witnessed how vital search & rescue emergency services are needed in remote/hard to reach areas. Vita Inclinata Technologies has offices in Denver, CO, Seattle, WA and Washington, DC. The company is a developer of chaotic motion control systems by providing counter swing systems to military, private and government agencies coupled with systems engineering software in making agencies search & rescue operations safer. Their mission has been noticed by NASA and NASAR, who have partnered up with Vita Tech. He’s also Co-Founder of non-profit, The Ideation Foundation, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship among the college student population.

Caleb Carr.png

Paula Boggs.png

Paula Boggs

Paula Boggs @paulaboggsband, Lawyer, Army Veteran, Musician & Founder of Boggs Media. Paula served as Executive Vice President of Law and Corporate Affairs at Starbucks @starbucks from 2002 to 2012. She is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Officer in the U.S. Army @usarmy, where she became one of the country’s first women to earn Army Airborne wings and a Congressional appointment to the US Naval Academy. Today, she resides in Seattle, WA and fronts her band, Paula Boggs Band. They’ve recorded three albums and performed over 150 shows nationwide. She is also the founder of Boggs Media, LLC, which manages her music and other creative business ventures.


Wendi Weiner

Wendi Weiner @thewritingguru, Attorney, Award Winning Writer & Founder of The Writing Guru. Wendi has more than ten years of experience in litigation, and has worked as a corporate attorney for a Fortune 200 company. Simultaneously, she has served as an adjunct professor for writing at local colleges in Florida. She is regarded as a top executive resume writer, who has been featured & published by over 50 media outlets. Her passion for writing led to the founding of The Writing Guru, which helps professionals improve their writing skills and succeed in their career goals. She also frequently speaks at major conferences, businesses and schools.

Wendi Weiner.png

Charlie Vargs.png

Charlie Vargas

Charlie Vargas @charlievargasesq, Attorney, Writer & Speaker. Upon graduating from @CUNYLaw, Vargas began his legal career as an associate for a small firm in NY. He then founded his own firm in Brooklyn, NY specializing in criminal law, family law & immigration. In addition being an atty, he has published several articles and is currently working on a fictional book. Charlie believes writing gives him meaning and frees thoughts and ideas. Also, he speaks at various high schools and colleges expressing his views on education, youth and entrepreneurship, and to inspire students to find their own voice and meaning. In the upcoming fall, Vargas will venture into teaching as one of the newest criminal justice professors at Rutgers University- Newark @RutgersU while still remaining a full-time attorney.


Leila Nosrat

Leila Nosrat, Esq. @law_with_leila, Attorney, Bar Exam Mindset Coach & Founder of Nosrat Law. From California and currently situated in Boston, MA, Nosrat is an experienced Bar Exam Mindset Coach who’s worked with hundreds of students from around the world through her own program called Bar Prep Mindset @barprepmindset. The program is devoted to giving bar takers the blueprint and confidence to pass the Bar Exam. In addition, she is the host and producer of her show on YouTube called Law with Leila, where she gives lessons and tips on how to succeed in law school. She is also the founder of Nosrat Law, a preeminent boutique law practice helping entrepreneurs and businesses with legal matters.

Leila Nosrat.png

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Jason A. Grant

Jason A. Grant @byjasonagrant, Attorney & Author. A Bronx native, Grant attended Syracuse University @syracuseu for his bachelor’s degree and received his J.D. degree from Howard University School of Law. He is now a founding partner at The DGO Law Group, PLLC and author of two self-published books, My Life, My World, My Truth (2010) & Reflections in the Sun, Volume 1: The Love Poems (2015). Both books contain a collection of poetry reflecting from Grant’s personal journey through life’s ups and downs.


Jennese Torres

My name is Jennese Torres @njdivaesq and I am an Attorney & Author. I have handled family law cases, criminal, traffic, administrative, you name it. Never would I have imagined in my worst nightmares that I would be defending my own Grandmother outside my jurisdiction, in Puerto Rico. With what happened with my Grandma, I felt compelled to write and finish the story of when I defended my Grandmother against my own mother. When I stood in front of the judge, like I do at all tate appearances, I said, "Your Honor, I am Jennese Torres. I am my Grandmother's daughter." After this ordeal, published y first ook titled, "I Am My Grandmother's Daughter". A book about the journey of a girl raised by her grandmother in a world of spirituality and magic. An autobiographical memoir of the unbreakable bond between a granddaughter and the grandmother that raised her.

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Jonathan L. Allen

Jonathan L. Allen @minjallen, Co-Founder & Executive Director @theleadershipbrainery. Allen is a first-generation college graduate and an advocate for racial justice and social issues. He’s held many leadership positions and currently attends @bostonuniversityschooloflaw Boston University School of Law. He co-founded The Leadership Brainery, a nonprofit organization for training and mentoring diverse, first-generation college student leaders into the legal profession. The org also strives to tackle the diversity issue in the legal community.


Diane Younes

Diane Younes, CEO & Founder @gosponge. A former lawyer in New York City, Diane has since left her job and moved out of the country – to Hong Kong. It was there where she formed an idea into action and launched her beauty business within just four months. Her company, Sponge, is Hong Kong’s first ever on-demand, mobile beauty service, which caters makeup foundations, hair, eyelash extensions and everything in between straight to your door. Started just two years ago, Sponge has taken off in Hong Kong and Diane plans to grow her business internationally in the near future.


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Michael Sander

Michael Sander, Attorney, CEO & Founder @Docket_Alarm. After recognizing that the legal research tools used at his New York law firm was too expensive and highly inefficient, Sander founded Docket Alarm. A tool that provides legal data, analytics and litigation alerts for the U.S. court system, he has served full-time as the CEO of the company since its startup in 2012. He offers a little piece of advice to any lawyers with entrepreneur ambitions. “The process of leaving your job to found a company may seem daunting, but if you break down your ultimate goal into tiny steps, the endeavor becomes far more manageable.”


MeryAnne Loum-Martin

MeryAnne Loum-Martin, from Attorney to Hotelier. She owns and operates the boutique hotel, @jnanetamsna , which sits on 8 acres in Marrakech, Morocco. MeryAnne studied law in Paris then pursued her passion for hospitality after a visit to a India with a stay at a boutique hotel where she felt the stay was like being in someone's home- connecting to its history and culture. Jnane Tamsna is the only black owned & operated hotel in Morocco with clientele of Brad Pitt, Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan & Tom Cruise.

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Raj Goyle

Raj Goyle, Harvard Law Grad turned Legal Entrepreneur, is the co-founder of Bodhala, the first platform that unlocks the power of big data and machine learning to equip law departments and firms with the evidence required to efficiently make critical business decisions. Bodhala’s insights empower in-house legal departments to accurately forecast legal spends and evaluate potential outside representation for significant matters. In addition, Raj Goyle was the first South Asian elected to the Kansas State Representative in 2006.


Patricia Elie

Patricia Elie, Attorney, Producer & Founder of Lala’s House Productions. Patricia began her career as an Entertainment Attorney practicing in the areas of music, copyright and trademark. She decided to tap into her own artistic talents by creating the web seriesUNSPOKEN @unspoken_webseries  where she serves as Writer, Producer and Director.

Unspoken is a drama-comedy about five life-long girlfriends from college who balance life, career and dating while unknowingly breaking all the rules of friendships. This is an engaging and hilarious series that discusses real life girl talk at the same time unapologetically serving lots of shade.



Carlos Dávila-Caballero

Carlos Dávila-Caballero is an Attorney & Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Cleary Gottlieb, overseeing the Firm’s diversity and inclusion strategies, providing expertise to the relevant committees, administrative departments, lawyers and staff. He also supports the Firm’s five affinity and women’s groups across offices. Carlos serves as the President to the Association of Law Firm Diversity Professionals (ALFDP), a board member for the Leadership Institute at the Council of Urban Professionals (CUP) & an active member of The National LGBT Bar Association, the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA), and National Association for Law Placement (NALP).


Vanessa Garcia-Brito

Vanessa Garcia-Brito went from an Attorney, practicing in the areas of Technology and International Law, to the Senior Director for Communications and Partnerships for Global Community Impact @Nike Inc. She sets the direction for Nike’s global partnerships and communications strategy focusing on transforming communities through the power of sport. Vanessa serves as the Chair of the Physical Activity Committee for the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry and sits on the Board of Girls, Inc., Pacific Northwest.



Maverick James

Maverick James, @MavJamesESQ, is currently a 2L @NYLawSchool focusing his education through the Innovation Center for Law and Technology on IP, privacy, emerging technology, blockchain, & cryptocurrency laws and regulations. He hopes his practice includes accountable data protection to help companies utilize Big Data that promotes innovation while also protecting consumers and private rights. Maverick is involved with Legal Tech forums and strategizes with experts on ways students can enter the profession with a background in innovative technology to augment legal practice. He is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion policies and is a member of various affinity bar associations and committees.


Yuliya I. LaRoe

Yuliya I. LaRoe, @happy_yuli Former International Lawyer turned Strategic Coach for lawyers & law firms, is Co-Founder of 20/20 Leadership Group, an international coaching and training firm supporting lawyers and law firms by coaching attorneys on strategies that help enhance their leadership, business development skills & professional growth. She is also a co-creator of 20/20 Leadership Group's Rainmaking Academy, an online business development training & coaching program for lawyers. To learn more about Yuliya and how she helps lawyers and law firms grow and thrive, check out



Miguel Willis

@miguelelcapiton, Miguel Willis, J.D., Founder & Director of ATJ Tech Fellows, which he founded while obtaining his JD from @seattleulaw in 2017. It is a national 10-week, summer fellowship program that equips tomorrow's lawyers to understand the ways technology, data, and design thinking can improve delivery of legal services and level the playing field for all who are seeking access to justice. This coming summer, his program will support 25 fellows from 23 law schools. Miguel was recognized as the the 2016 National Jurist Law Student of the Year & recently appointed as the inaugural LSAC’s first Presidential Innovation Fellow, a fellowship that supports emerging leaders who will work to inspire prospective students to pursue legal education by developing innovative pathways to advance justice and the rule of law.


Mekka Don

@MekkaDonMusic, Former Attorney Turned Rapper & CEO of Mekka Don Enterprise LLC which seeks & negotiates licensing deals, performances, endorsements & media opportunities for his artists. Mekka Don is a @NYULaw graduate who secured a multi-song licensing deal with ESPN & with his alma mater @theohiostateuniversity, producing his JUICE wristbands, apparel, & licensing his music, with “Juice” becoming the official football anthem. Mekka Don’s music has been featured on MTV, VH1, ESPN, Sirius Radio, & other outlets. He is active with the youth, pushing positive messages through @PilotBoys, encouraging leadership, global thinking, and being the “pilot” of your own life.



Courtney Anderson

Courtney Anderson, Attorney, Associate Professor  at GSU College of Law & Co-Founder of @theviberide , an indoor cycling & fitness studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. Vibe Ride’s signature indoor cycling classes offers a variety of classes set to high-energy music featuring music videos and live DJs. Vibe Ride also offers barre, circuit training & weight training classes. Check out Vibe Ride to learn more about the classes they offer.


Thomas P. Nguyen

@southafricanasian Thomas P. Nguyen– Former Attorney turned Partner & Chief Marketing Officer of @PeliPeliKitchen in Texas. known as South African Fusion, Peli Peli is authentic South African delicacies served along with American steak, chicken & seafood prepared in the Chef’s South African Style. Thomas Nguyen has been named one of Houston Business Journal’s “40 under 40” for his achievements in philanthropy and brand development. He is also a freelancer at the Houston Press.



Chloe Epstein

Chloe Epstein @chloesfruit, former Assistant District Attorney turned business owner is an alumnus at Cardozo School of Law and President of Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co., serving guilt-free snacks using only fruit, water, & a touch of organic cane sugar. Launched in 2010, Chloe Epstein focused on creating an all-natural alternative to artificial ingredients found in frozen yogurt & the fat and dairy found inside of ice-cream. Chloe’s soft serve yogurt and popsicles (fruit on a stick) snacks are delicious and fruity without the artificial ingredients and after-taste! To grab your hands on these savory snacks check out: Chloes Fruit!


Jared A. Firestone

Jared A. Firestone, @jfirestone_usa, Attorney & Realtor turned Skeleton athlete, received his J.D. from Cardozo School of Law, became a member of the FL & NY Bar and licensed realtor before venturing off as a full-time Skeleton athlete. He is a member of @teamusa Skeleton Elite Development Program @usabs since 2016 & is looking forward to achieving his goal of qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games. Learn more about how Jared starting “Sliding…And Esquiring” here:



Heather Hubbard

@HeatherJoyHubbard Atty, Speaker, Author & Career Coach, focuses on helping women & minorities succeed in the legal industry using her personal experience as a former partner & practice group leader for AmLaw 200 firm. Heather is the creator behind Life & Law in Balance, a semi-annual retreat helping female partners and owners build a book of business. She is also creator of Hustle & Flow with Heather Hubbard, a weekly podcast giving unfiltered advice on a range of topics.


Shavar Jeffries

@ShavarJeffries, Atty & Education Reformer is Partner at Lowenstein Sandler LLP. Shavar is President at Democrats for Education Reform, a political reform organization aiming to cultivate and support leaders who champion America’s public-school children, promoting charter schools, school funding and stricter teacher evaluations.



Nancy Tran

Nancy Tran, Atty turned Fashion Designer, is the founder and creative director of @NancyTranStudio, a luxurious line of exquisite day & cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and separates. Nancy unveiled her first collection “Transformation” at NYFW S/S 2018 in NYC. The collection displays Nancy’s personal journey of chasing her dreams, in which she uses nature to illustrate the transformation of her journey.


John-Raphael Pichardo

@maximilianojrp_esq, John-Raphael Pichardo, Atty & Tenor, is Principal Attorney at his firm Pichardo & Associates LLC which focuses on general law services, immigration, labor, & employment. John-Raphael also serves as a Board Member of @caribattysnetwork & General Counsel at the Hispanic Coalition NY Inc., a non-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the Hispanic-Latino community in our society.