Dwayne Allen Thomas

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My name is Dwayne Allen Thomas and I am Lawyer, Writer, Speaker & Founder of Equal Results. Currently, I serve as Senior Court Attorney at the NYS Unified Court System. After graduating from Brooklyn Law School @brooklynlawschool, I received a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. I pursued my master’s because I observed capable students fail the bar exam when they should have passed. Many of these failures stemmed from psychological phenomena - you can have the skills you need to do well and still fail to prepare or perform because of what’s going on in your head. To help resolve these issues and help improve bar passage rates, I created a bar exam tutoring program and infused it with psychology. Also, I write and speak about the application of social and cognitive science to improving social mobility & social diversity. In the future, I plan to start an organization that, in part, helps low resource law students and prospective law students live up to their potential. I am a more than esquire because I seek to help others live up to their personal and professional potential.