Jennese Torres

My name is Jennese Torres @njdivaesq and I am an Attorney & Author. I have handled family law cases, criminal, traffic, administrative, you name it. Never would I have imagined in my worst nightmares that I would be defending my own Grandmother outside my jurisdiction, in Puerto Rico. With what happened with my Grandma, I felt compelled to write and finish the story of when I defended my Grandmother against my own mother. When I stood in front of the judge, like I do at all tate appearances, I said, "Your Honor, I am Jennese Torres. I am my Grandmother's daughter." After this ordeal, published y first ook titled, "I Am My Grandmother's Daughter". A book about the journey of a girl raised by her grandmother in a world of spirituality and magic. An autobiographical memoir of the unbreakable bond between a granddaughter and the grandmother that raised her.