Lawrence Cisneros

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Lawrence Cisneros, Lawyer, Founder & CEO of Drnxmyth @drnxmyth. Lawrence received his J.D. at USC Gould School of Law @uscgouldlaw. While at law school, he had the entrepreneurial vision by raising $100K and building the prototype for the world's first ready-to-drink craft cocktail. His legally-trained entrepreneurial ways led him to win the 2016 El Perfect Pitch prize at the Hispanicize Conference for his startup, InSpirit. Also, Lawrence was one of 77 cohorts chosen nationwide to participate at the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program. The DRNXMYTH is a patented technology creating craft cocktails that are pre-bottled and un-mixed by bringing you mixology beyond the bar in a bottle with mixes such as rum punch, bourbon honey, east side and margarita.