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More Than Esquires Network (MTEN) is a community dedicated to transforming the definition of lawyer. MTEN connects lawyers, legal professionals, entrepreneurs and key industry stakeholders to promote growth in alternative legal and non-traditional careers. 

We are on a mission to help lawyers and legal professionals connect, learn and grow in their career journey. As part of the MTEN community, you will receive:

  • SUPPORT in career innovation and professional development through educational programming, inspirational digital content and global community.

  • OPPORTUNITY to the best alternative legal jobs and roles across all sectors in tech, finance, media, education and more.  We connect companies with the most talented more than esquires.

  • EMPOWERMENT for those who are seeking to transition to careers outside the traditional practice of law.

  • AMPLIFICATION in the voices and highlighting the stories of those that have made the successful transition to rewarding new careers.

  • CONNECTION to national, peer network of lawyers, JDs, law students & legal professionals committed to attaining more from our careers through exploring professional passions beyond the practice of law.




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The inspiration for MTEN was borne out of countless conversations with lawyers and JDs that have exciting new careers, ventures or businesses that are non-traditional with no opportunity to network with their peers who have similar backgrounds. Through educational and social events, digital resources and up-to-date information, MTEN members gain the knowledge and connections they need to be successful beyond the practice of law.



The name "More Than Esquires" was inspired by the idea that as a community we are more than lawyers and JDs, in fact "Esquire" is just the beginning. In addition to being lawyers, we are writers, educators, philanthropists, startup founders, technologists, entrepreneurs, and the list goes on.  As a network of professionals with varied interests, we are more than esquires. 



To help elevate lawyers & legal professionals by leveraging their law degree for non-traditional legal careers in providing the tools and connections they need to own their future.



Creating a community through innovation, education and collaboration in the legal industry with a strong, supportive peer network in fulfillment of their personal & professional development.