More Than Esquires Network (MTEN) is a national network of attorneys, JDs and law students committed to attaining more from their careers through exploring professional passions beyond the practice of law. The inspiration for MTEN was borne out of countless conversations with lawyers and JDs that have exciting new careers, ventures or businesses with no opportunity to network with their peers who have similar backgrounds. Through educational and social events, digital resources and up-to-date information, MTEN members gain the knowledge and connections they need to be successful beyond the practice of law. Founded in 2016 by reformed attorneys, Blessed Dele-Michael and Nneka Norville, MTEN has almost one thousand members across the country and plans to grow internationally in the future. 


The name, More Than Esquires Network was inspired by the idea that as a community we are more than lawyers and JDs, in fact "Esquire" is just the beginning. In addition to being lawyers, we are writers, educators, philanthropists, startup founders, technologists, entrepreneurs, and the list goes on.  As a network of professionals with varied interests, we are more than esquires. 


To help lawyers & legal professionals adapt and thrive in the growing “you-economy” by providing members with a community to connect, learn and grow in seeking fulfillment for their aspirations in non-traditional legal careers.


We are on a mission to create a community dedicated to helping lawyers & legal professionals by guiding them in a compelling direction to gain more from their law degree than ever imagined.