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Blessed Dele-Michael & Nneka Norville


Blessed and Nneka co-founded More Than Esquires Network (MTEN) out of their own desire to join a community of lawyers that wanted more from their careers. Friends for almost fifteen years, MTEN is their commitment to creating a long lasting community dedicated to helping lawyers get more from their law degree than they ever imagined.

Both attorneys by trade, Blessed is a graduate of Rutgers Law School and New York University. She has experience in real estate, insurance defense and securities litigation. After leaving litigation, she successfully transitioned into regulatory compliance in the financial sector where she now works as a Compliance Officer for a global investment bank.  

Nneka is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School, Baruch School of Public Affairs and Boston University where she practiced entertainment law before pivoting into a rewarding career at the intersection of social impact and business. Currently, Nneka serves as Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for a global media company.


Yanique Norville

Director, Digital Strategy & Creative

Yanique sits at the intersection of branding, design and technology with an eye for creativity that pops. As a visual storyteller, designer and photographer, Yanique has used imagery to tell the stories of global brands for the last decade. A sought after Creative Consultant, Yanique has worked with clients ranging from Merck to EMI Music Group and All Star Code.  A current resident of Brooklyn, Yanique graduated from Penn State University, King’s College London and the StartUp Institute's UI Design program.

Fun Fact: Loves attending silent discos

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Digital & Social Media Marketing Intern

Hajara is a Marketing and International Affairs major as a student at CUNY-Lehman College. She is expected to graduate in May 2019. Looking into the future, she envisions the ability to combine her interests in marketing and international affairs into a unique career path. Also, she has the entrepreneurial goal of having her own business in the next five years.

Fun Fact: Double jointed. Loves travel.